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  1. How long does it take for 1 crystallization project?
    It takes about approximately 7 days to have 1 crystallization project. But if you want to have your order in a rush, please do give information, and we’ll try to finish your order in agreed time.
  2. What's the difference between 2D and 3D case?
    2D case use full swarovski crystals meanwhile 3D case use some ornaments (ornaments material: clay or metal, with good quality) with swarovski crystals.
  3. Do we have to pay full in advance?
    No, we understand that the online shopping needs trust, so we only needs 50% of agreed payment to start your project. You can pay the full amout before delivery and after we show you how your project is done.
  4. How to order?
    Just contact us through Contact Form. Fill it with the information needed, and give us some special notification for custom order. We’ll reply you in the shortest time.
  5. Will the crystal fall off?
    No, we provide you with the best glue reccommended by Mobile Designer School, Japan. But accident happens, and when the crystal fall off, you can use the spare crystals and glue provided in your Cubic Box, given for you when we ship your order.
  6. Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, but currectly we are only receiving payment of local currencies in Singapore and Australia. For another country, you can pay by transfer through our Indonesia bank.
  7. Will you reproduce a crystal design from another company?
    No, we do understand designer’s trademark and we didn’t expect that to happen to us as well. If you already got the designers’ permission, we can develop the design and make it more special!
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